National Energy Board: vigorously promote the development of biomass power generation industry

Since 2005, the domestic set off a boom in biomass power generation, a number of straw power plants have been put into operation, as the renewable energy industry in a major concern. In order to understand the problems existing in the operation and production and operation of biomass power plants, the biomass power generation policy is formulated more scientifically and rationally, and the healthy development of biomass power generation industry will be promoted. From October 30 to November 2, Led by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Electricity Regulatory Commission and other departments and the relevant experts of the research group, went to Jiangsu Suqian, Henan Changge and Hebei Weixian and Jinju, on the energy-saving straw and wheat straw and other yellow straw power plant, Small thermal power transformation of gray and yellow mixed fire straw power plant and the National Energy Cotton Straw Power Plant and Hebei Province to build gray straw power plant conducted a survey.


    First, the biomass power generation

    China is a large agricultural country with abundant biomass resources. Various crops produce more than 600 million tons of straw each year, of which about 400 million tons of energy can be used. The total biomass of trees in China is about 19 billion tons, Ton, can be used as the total energy use of about 300 million tons. Such as effective use, development potential will be very great. But at present, China's vast rural areas, these valuable biomass resources have not been well used, every year a large number of straw was abandoned or burned on the ground, not only a waste of valuable energy resources, but also polluted the environment, interfere with the road Traffic and aircraft take off and land, the people's production and life had a negative impact.


    Biomass power generation is an important way to make effective use of biomass resources. And coal-fired power generation is very similar, both are fuel combustion in the boiler to produce steam, steam turbine steam energy into mechanical energy, the generator and then the mechanical energy into electrical energy process. From the beginning of the steam turbine, the two are basically the same. However, due to the different characteristics of the fuel, the two power generation methods are also different, mainly biomass fuels with high chlorine, high alkali, high volatiles, low ash melting point characteristics, burning corrosive boiler, and produce slagging, coking, etc. , Therefore, the boiler design has special technical requirements.

    In order to promote the development of biomass power generation technology, since 2003, the state has approved the approval of Hebei Jinju, Shandong Shanxian and Jiangsu Rudong three straw power generation demonstration project, promulgated the "Renewable Energy Law", and the implementation of biomass Power generation preferential tariffs and other relevant supporting policies, so that biomass power generation, especially the rapid development of straw power generation. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2006, through the National and Local Development and Reform Commission approved the straw power generation project has reached 50, the total installed capacity of more than 1.5 million kilowatts. Mainly distributed in Shandong, Jilin, Jiangsu, Henan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Xinjiang and other places.

    Second, the problems found in the survey

    Biomass power generation industry is a sunrise industry, its development and growth, will become China's social and economic development of new growth points for environmental protection and ecological construction to provide technical support and material basis. However, the overall view, the biomass power generation industry is still in its infancy, but also need to increase support for the country, and strive to cultivate and support the backbone enterprises, improve the ability of independent innovation, master the core technology of biomass power generation, biomass power generation industry Scale development to create the necessary conditions. In the survey, we mainly learned the following questions:

    1, a one-time investment, high fuel costs, the lack of market competitiveness

    Biomass power plants generally installed capacity is small, the fuel supply season is strong, the need for the construction of specialized fuel storage and storage stations, the purchase of matching fuel storage and storage equipment and facilities, a one-time investment, depreciation costs and financial costs fixed The cost is higher. Four projects, Suqian power plant installed capacity of 2 × 12 million kilowatts, a total investment of 280 million yuan, Wei County power plant installed capacity of 25,000 kilowatts, a total investment of 264 million yuan, Jinzhou power plant installed capacity of 2 × 12000 kilowatts, a total investment of 2.5 Billion, the cost per kilowatt project were up to 16,600 yuan, 10,600 yuan and 10,400 yuan, is more than twice the conventional coal-fired power plants. Coupled with biomass power generation range of fuel collection, high loss rate, power generation standard coal consumption is high, only fuel costs as high as 0.4 yuan / kWh or so. In addition, the biomass power generation plant up to 12%, also far higher than the conventional thermal power plant unit power rate of 6% level. Overall, the biomass power generation industry in China is still in its infancy, its economic efficiency is not high, compared with the conventional large-scale coal-fired power plants lack of market competitiveness.

    2, high technical content, equipment, domestic difficulties are greater

    Biomass power generation technology has a high degree of difficulty, involving biomass harvesting, packaging, transportation, storage, combustion equipment, fuel adaptability, pretreatment feed, combustion process control, ash utilization process and equipment and many other links. In particular, the design and manufacture of biomass boilers require high, only a few companies in the world to master their solutions, and the implementation of the relevant technology monopoly, other enterprises difficult to obtain biomass direct combustion boiler design and manufacturing of the core technology. Compared with foreign countries, China's biomass power generation technology started late, the industrial base is weak. At present, the domestic production of biomass power boilers is still in the experimental demonstration stage, has not yet get rid of dependence on foreign technology or imported equipment, the operation of biomass direct combustion power plant is also very lack of experience. The survey, Suqian, Changge and Jinzhou power plant boilers are medium temperature pressure boilers, respectively, by the Zhejiang University, Shanghai Electric Quartet Boiler Factory and Wuxi Huaguang boiler plant research and development and production, and imports of foreign high temperature and pressure Compared to the boiler, although the price is cheaper, but the combustion efficiency is low, fuel costs are high, and the operation of more failures, not yet a good solution to high temperature corrosion and other technical problems. According to the project unit, China's agricultural machinery manufacturing also need to be improved, the current straw power required balers, shredders and other feeding equipment, poor product quality, production capacity is small, in urgent need of the actual situation of biomass power generation Improved to meet the biomass power plant fuel supply requirements.


    3, the fuel storage and transportation problems complex, more difficult management

    In terms of farm production, which is dominated by farms in developed countries, China's agricultural production is dominated by farmers, with a small area of cultivated land and a decentralized biomass resource to ensure that the fuel supply of biomass power plants is a complex system engineering. Research of the four projects, feasibility studies in the straw to the factory price of about 150 yuan per ton, but the reality is that farmers sold to the straw purchase station price has reached 150 yuan, the acquisition station plus the necessary processing fees , Transportation and labor costs, to the factory price to reach 250 yuan or more, combined with crop crop harvest season, a large number of storage covers an area, and the need to build fire safety facilities, in the processing, stacking, loading and unloading process is inevitable Weight and calorie loss, the final straw into the furnace prices are about 300 yuan, and showed continued upward trend. According to reports, with the biomass power generation technology in China's promotion and application, in recent years, some local biomass power plant intensive degree has become increasingly large, there have been signs of disorderly construction, research of four biomass power plant Fuel collection radius of more than 100 km, and some have reached 200 km. Combined with agriculture, animal husbandry, paper and furniture, building materials, competition for raw materials, as well as farmers in order to profit, hoarding reluctant to sell, raise prices, and even fraud, to the straw mixed with water and other factors, straw storage and transportation management is very difficult The State of the company acquired the straw had found the disc.


    Third, the idea of understanding

    Ecological civilization is the advanced stage of human civilization development. Human society has experienced the original civilization, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, is the transition to ecological civilization. To strengthen the resource conservation and environmental protection, is the construction of ecological civilization at this stage must focus on two strategic tasks. General Secretary Hu Jintao in the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, clearly called for "the construction of ecological civilization, the basic form of energy conservation and protection of the ecological environment of the industrial structure, growth mode, consumption patterns, circular economy to form a larger scale, The pollution of major pollutants has been effectively controlled, and the quality of ecological environment has been improved obviously, and the concept of ecological civilization has been firmly established in the whole society.

    China's large population, per capita energy shortage, environmental carrying capacity is weak, followed by high input, high energy consumption, high emissions, low efficiency of the extensive growth mode of development, the resources unsustainable, the environment is unbearable, pay the price is too high. Biomass power generation can turn waste into treasure, chemical harm for the benefit, effectively increase the energy supply, control environmental pollution, at the same time, can also effectively extend the agricultural industry chain, increase farmers' income and employment opportunities, is the power in the contemporary, cause. Therefore, it is an important way and a measure to construct the ecological civilization construction by vigorously developing biomass power generation, which plays an important role in promoting the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society and realizing the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.


    In order to speed up the development of biomass power generation in China and promote the construction of ecological civilization, the following should focus on the following work:

    1, increase the support of biomass power generation policy

    China has not yet implemented a strict environmental pollution charges system, in such a policy environment, the social benefits of biomass power generation and environmental benefits can not be fully reflected in the economy, and coal-fired power generation in a state of unfair competition, combined with biomass power generation Is a new industry, equipment prices and production costs higher, it is difficult to form a strong market competitiveness, must implement more preferential policies to accelerate development. At present, China's biomass power generation mainly government pricing, policy is more single, there is no formation system, and the pricing standard is low. The relevant provisions of the policy, the price of biomass power generation by the provinces in 2005 desulfurization coal-fired unit benchmarking price of electricity and subsidies on the composition of electricity prices. Subsidy price of 0.25 yuan per kilowatt-hour. As the investment cost and fuel cost of biomass power generation is much higher than that of coal and electricity, the actual tax burden is higher than that of coal and electricity in the case of value-added tax. Most of the above subsidy standard still can not profit and need more powerful Policy support can be healthy development.


    2, to strengthen biomass power generation planning and capacity building

    In order to strengthen the management of biomass resources, optimize the layout of biomass power generation projects, we must strengthen the management of biomass resources, scientific development of biomass power generation planning. The Development and Reform Commission at all levels should be responsible for organizing the development of biomass resource evaluation and biomass power generation planning, clarifying the order of project development and creating the necessary conditions for the development of biomass power generation. To effectively strengthen the capacity of biomass power generation and personnel training, and actively promote technology research and development and equipment localization, speed up the biomass power generation equipment testing and certification system, improve the relevant biomass power generation technology standards and norms to promote the relevant engineering consulting and design industry To strengthen capacity building related to biomass power generation, and to create a sound foundation for the development of biomass power generation.


    3, establish a sound service network of straw acquisition

    Reliable supply of biomass fuels is a strong guarantee for the healthy development of biomass power generation industry. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers, access to the majority of farmers to support biomass power generation, efforts to reform the existing rural self-sufficient small-scale economic model, from the mechanism of innovation to make an article, the majority of farmers effectively organized, the development of straw fuel Brokers groups, and actively promote the construction of rural economic cooperation organizations, to join the chain and other modern mode of operation, establish a sound straw acquisition service network. In addition, but also research and development of China's biomass fuel storage and transportation of special equipment, the establishment of relevant industry standards and technical regulations, so that biomass power generation onto the standardization of development.

    Human beings have only one earth, the earth is the common home of all human survival and development. Global resource and environmental crisis, requires the world to take concerted action. In particular, climate change has become a major concern for the international community. Biomass power generation plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate warming. Is China's response to climate change, safeguarding the national environment and development interests, and establish a responsible image of the important powers of the important measures. It is believed that under the guidance of the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, China's biomass power generation industry will surely flourish and make important contributions to the realization of industrial nurturing agriculture, solving the problems of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", building a new socialist countryside and building an ecological civilization The

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