Development status of industrial boiler industry

Production status of major products

With the implementation of China's energy-saving emission reduction, renewable energy utilization, and "coal to gas" policies, the product structure and combustion mode of industrial boilers have also undergone varying degrees of change. Fuel gas boilers, biomass boilers, waste heat boilers, etc. have been obtained. It has developed rapidly. Specifically, the output of coal-fired boilers is declining, and the fuel gas boilers and biomass-fired boilers are on the rise; the chain furnaces are stable and declining, and the fluidized bed furnaces are declining year by year; the output of boilers with pressures of 1.25 MPa and below is on the rise. The boilers above 1.25MPa are steadily declining; the water tube boilers are generally declining, and the boiler shells are generally rising; the industrial boilers with 1t/h and less than 1t/h continue to decrease, and the capacity boilers from 1t/h to 10t/h are steadily rising. (According to the number of units), the capacity boilers from 10t/h to 35t/h are steadily declining, and the continuous rising capacity of large-capacity industrial boilers above 35t/h is increased by at least 10%; the waste heat boilers for steel and building materials industry are decreasing year by year. .

Industry advantage enterprise analysis

In recent years, the industry's product concentration and brand effect have been improved to a certain extent, and a number of well-known enterprises featuring products have been formed, such as Jiangsu Shuangliang Boiler Co., Ltd., Taishan Group, Jinniu, Guangzhou Tianlu. Boiler Co., Ltd., Anyang Fangkuai Boiler Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tefu Boiler Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Baocheng, Shenhou Engineering Installation Brigade, Taishan Group, etc. in large-capacity hot water boilers; Kaifeng wins in fluidized bed boilers, Jiangxi Jianglian, Taiyuan Boiler, Huaguang Industry, etc. As for the utilization of waste heat, in addition to professional enterprises such as Hangguo Group and Suzhou Hailu, some of the main businesses are coal-fired boilers. In recent years, they have gradually shifted into waste heat. Boiler market, such as Zhengzhou Boiler, Nantong Wanda Boiler, Jiangsu Taihu Boiler, etc., the output value of enterprise waste heat boiler has occupied a considerable share of the total industrial output value of enterprises; in the aspect of biomass boiler, Jiangxi Jianglian and Guangzhou Dyson have made efforts to form a special feature. Technology and products have been better promoted.

At the same time, some key enterprises actively adjusted the sales model and extended to the downstream to realize the transformation from product sales to design, manufacturing to construction of general contracting projects and turnkey projects, such as Hangzhou Pan Group, Jiangxi Jianglian; Guangzhou Dyson, Coal Branch The General Hospital and other departments use contract energy management as a carrier to promote the application and application of biomass boilers and pulverized coal industrial boilers; many enterprises, especially some northern enterprises, have begun to engage in BOT operations of heating systems.

In the 2010-2014 statistical enterprises, the main economic indicators ranked among the top five in the industry for five consecutive years, its operating characteristics are nothing more than the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy, close to the market demand, timely adjustment of product structure; adhere to professional design, manufacturing Continuously improve the "special, precise, special, new" level of products; innovate business models, actively carry out product-based program planning, project contracting or BOT operations; continuously strengthen enterprise software and hardware capacity building, and effectively improve product quality.

Industry manufacturing and quality comprehensive level analysis

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, some major industrial enterprises (above B) and industrially-developed areas (such as the Yangtze River Delta region, the Pearl River Delta region, etc.) industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises, the processing of raw materials for boiler components and key Component processing and manufacturing, increase technical innovation and investment in manufacturing process equipment, and added a number of mechanized, automated special machines, production lines and even intelligent robot equipment to effectively reduce manufacturing costs, improve productivity and product quality. CNC cutting equipment, CNC drilling equipment, pipe fittings (membrane wall, serpentine tube, pipe with extended heating surface) manufacturing line have been well promoted and applied in the major enterprises in the industry, the overall appearance and technology of the boiler industry, There has been a welcome change in the level of quality synthesis. However, most small and medium-sized industrial boiler companies still remain in the primary stage of manual manufacturing. Overall, China's industrial boiler industry still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of manufacturing process equipment and management concepts.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, 65 products from 26 enterprises in the industry were awarded the title of energy-saving products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and 6 products and technologies of 6 enterprises were listed in the promotion catalogue of energy-saving products of the AQSIQ. Six products were awarded by the Industrial Boiler Branch. Industrial boiler industry energy-saving product title.

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